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General purpose

  polyvinyl chloride
 polyethylene terephthalate

There are many applications such as clothing, wallpaper, bags, interior, rope for jump rope, wire covering, insect net, packaging material, water pipes, building materials, agricultural materials, record boards, erasers, etc. Once in a toy Was also frequently used. Recently, it is also used as an undercoat material for some automobiles for the purpose of weight saving.

In addition to PET bottles known as beverage containers, they are used for films, magnetic tape substrates, clothing fibers and the like.
Among thermoplastic synthetic fibers, their crystallinity makes them relatively heat-resistant and produces the greatest amount. Therefore, recycling from plastic bottles to fibers is also a relatively popular resin.


 Poly Phenylene Ether

It shows high physical properties in transparency, impact resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy, dimensional stability and the like. The impact resistance is said to be more than 250 times that of ordinary glass.
Among engineering plastics, it is a resin showing high physical properties on average, and because it has transparency, it can also be used for optical applications, it is inexpensive compared with its physical properties, and transportation equipment such as aircrafts and automobiles, electric / electron optics It is widely used for medical equipment, bulletproof glass materials and the like. It is also the most widely used material in plastic screws that are forceful because it is also excellent in mechanical strength.

It is an amorphous thermoplastic resin engineering plastic which has a high softening point, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, water absorption and dimensional stability.
However, it has a disadvantage of high melt viscosity and inferior formability such as injection molding.

Super engineering


Black brown.
High heat resistance, load deflection grade load deflection temperature is over 260 ℃. In addition, there is little decrease in mechanical properties at high temperatures.
It has extremely high strength and rigidity, and it also has excellent abrasion resistance. However, it is inferior to toughness.
Excellent chemical resistance. There is no solvent that dissolves PPS in a temperature environment of 200 ° C or lower.
It has flame retardancy of UL 94 V-0. This is because the oxygen index is as high as 44, and the surface carbonizes when it hits the flame and has the property of protecting the interior.
Food safety is high, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Science Foundation have approved the use for food equipment kitchen utensils and parts that come into contact with drinking water.
High flowability, excellent formability such as thin wall. The molding shrinkage ratio is also low, and precise molding is possible. However, since crystallinity at molding greatly affects physical properties, it is necessary to pay attention to control of molding conditions such as setting of resin temperature and mold temperature.


It is excellent in heat resistance, flame resistance and weather resistance.
It is a transparent resin.
It is excellent in durability at high temperature.
It attacks cyclohexanone and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents.
It is not affected by acid, alkali, gasoline.
Good creep resistance and good stress cracking resistance.
Good electrical characteristics.
It can be painted or plated.
Injection molding is performed around 350 ° C.
Bore molding is also possible.

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